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Since 2007 Treasurer Lockyer has financed a multi-million dollar "ongoing marketing campaign targeting retail investors, including newspaper and radio ads, and a website," all in an effort to get you to buy California Municipal Bonds.

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1.) First reason why you should not buy California bonds is:

There is no organized Muni Market. This is especially true in the Muni Market secondary. You are expected to buy California bonds and hold them to maturity. But if you ever want to sell... or have to sell... there is no chance of you getting a fair and reasonable bid. Most brokerages do not provide bids on California bonds...not even on the California bonds they just sold you... not even on California bonds they have acted as underwriter. This same problem will extend down to your heirs if they ever want or need to sell your California bonds.

In terms of an organized, fair and reasonable secondary market, you are better off buying a new car or even a vacation timeshare than you are a California bond.